The main topics:

a) Structures and Environment
Optimizing the interaction of living organisms with their individual
micro-environment by using structures and guaranteeing the long term
sustainability (product quality and safety, human/animal health and
welfare), of these biological systems in their surrounding environment.

b) Plant Production – Equipment Engineering for Plants
Engineering of equipment and systems to produce plants, including
equipment design, manufacture, and use to establish plants, protect
plants, harvest plant products, and transport. Engineering of components
and systems for improved productivity, efficiency, and sustainability.

c) Energy in Agriculture
Actual problems of the rational and economical applications of electricity
and other energy sources in connection with the electricity in the
agriculture, especially with the rational use of the renewable energy
sources considering the aspects of the protection of the environment.

d) System Management – Management, Ergonomics and Systems Engineering
Optimization of farm management and work organization by use of operations
planning, logistics and system engineering, while improving the operations
efficiency, economics, health, ergonomics, and workers´ safety.

e) Bioprocesses- Postharvest Technology and Process Engineering
Advance of engineering and technology in post-harvest and agri-food
processing with particular focus on properties of products, unit
operations, equipment, process control and traceability in respect to
ensure the high quality and safety of food.

f) Information Technology – Information Systems
Advance the development and effective use of information and communication
technologies in all areas of agriculture in order to increase its
sustainability, quality of operations and produce, productivity and
profitability of the businesses. Target those technologies to every link
of the production chains, education, research and policy making.